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Whether I'm riding a horse or driving a car, I'm feeling them, judging what they're doing, trying to work out what I can take them up to. -Lee Pearson
Paralympics has always had to push the media into it being about sport and not focusing on the disability. -Lee Pearson
I'm just a genetic freak, but it has never stopped me from doing whatever I want to. -Lee Pearson
I joke that the Olympics is the warm-up to the Paralympics. -Lee Pearson
I couldn't pedal a bike as a child, so I had a donkey instead. I loved the power and freedom it had. -Lee Pearson
You know that the world is a better place when people can come up to a severely disabled person and say: 'Well done. You are an inspiration.' -Lee Pearson
My life's been surreal from start to finish. -Lee Pearson
I'm not really into the fame thing. I've met so many celebrities now, and everybody's just the same. I'm a bit of a family bird. -Lee Pearson
I've stayed in the best hotels in the world, but you could put me in prison, and I'd still have fun. -Lee Pearson
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