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Marriages last because the people in them want to be married -Linda Grant
How can life end in the middle of the story? Because life always does. -Linda Grant
A new dress. Is this all it takes to make a new beginning, this shred of dyed cloth, shaped into the form of a woman's body? -Linda Grant
It's not the punch you expect that knocks you down. -Linda Grant
The clothes you wear are a metamorphosis. They change you from the outside in. -Linda Grant
I'm not shy, not reclusive, not any of those things, but the idea of a day in front of me when I have nothing to do, is just, oh what pleasure! -Linda Grant
When I was 20 I was immensely proud of the rows of grey-spined Penguin Modern Classics in my bookcase. -Linda Grant
When I was a child, on Sunday mornings the family would assemble around the blue-leather-covered gramophone to listen to records. -Linda Grant
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