Lisa Marie Presley Quotes

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I don't do yoga. I bite the hella outta my nails. I smoke, I eat all the wrong food, I don't exercise. -Lisa Marie Presley
Forever here today, never gone tomorrow, my eternal friend, I love you. -Lisa Marie Presley
Music has always gotten me through life, particularly honest, real music. -Lisa Marie Presley
Music has had a profound effect on me all my life. I wanted to be able to give that to others, believe it or not. -Lisa Marie Presley
I was always writing music anyway. I just sort of fell into it. Writing for me is a therapeutic process. -Lisa Marie Presley
When I write, it's purging for me. It's a therapeutic process. -Lisa Marie Presley
I would describe my aesthetic as definitely personal and harmonious with an eclectic yet bohemian sensibility. -Lisa Marie Presley
I'm more of a tomboy than anything and then you see your name on these Top 50 Most Beautiful People lists and you're like, 'What?' -Lisa Marie Presley
I don't think that I'm a top 40 artist in any way. So I don't think I'm that mainstream. -Lisa Marie Presley
Being Elvis Presley's daughter is a whole lot of pressure. It's been a constant burden in my life. -Lisa Marie Presley
I don't ascribe to any particular style or period. -Lisa Marie Presley
The period of time just before you awaken is the time I have my most creative thoughts and discover the best solutions. -Lisa Marie Presley
I have a tendency to kick it up. I like to rattle the cage. -Lisa Marie Presley
I take a situation, analyse it, break it down, put it in the form I want it to be in, and then I toss it away. Let somebody else go deal with it. -Lisa Marie Presley
I work because I think that I wouldn't feel good about myself unless I was contributing. -Lisa Marie Presley
I want to pave my own path artistically. -Lisa Marie Presley
I don't deal well with admiration if it's for something I haven't done. Other than exist. -Lisa Marie Presley
I've been chased through airports with a screaming baby because the photographers are ruthless, and they want the picture. -Lisa Marie Presley
I'm just not interested in selling out to get on the charts and make people happy. -Lisa Marie Presley
Mostly singing was cathartic, writing was cathartic, therapeutic. I don't think I had a goal, particularly, to sing or put it out there for anybody. -Lisa Marie Presley
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