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so many things are there to say.time is short and I have to get many as well as want to give too many. when you told me 'it is your mistake''-I cried, shout at me.thinking why I can not stop to look at you.why I run to you?there was no answer , just a deep pain scroll down my throat and fight for me with in tears. that special day and today - long time has passed between both of us.there is no change to feel the feelings from my bottom my may be scared a little- why I am after you?may be you thought in other way- but very first moment I was at one same corner-that I loved you for years and years. I was scared -how you will react?i wanted to tell you this word -in your your care of love, at most close moment -when we could feel the breathe of each other.i wanted to hide for years in you - what I lost many years back I wanted to feel in my hand, face, eyes, and by you. I could express , why ?because I know I will never be close to you after that were too close, too close to me, if I moved -I could touch you.i feel now -why I did not try for that?perhaps long wait for you , from unknown bond- I am so much far away of you. I want to go to you just like a baby girl who run to her childhood friend without any restriction. I am missing changed every way.i looked at your picture- and feel why I cant be with you?why this restriction? why I am bound?i want to run away from everything, whatever will help me to forget you... but that is impossible. sometimes I want to throw you out of my side- but it is you, you pull me again and again towards I can feel your love, i can feel you touch on my face..all over me.. I cant be angry for long..death is only wall which can parted me from you. first day and now I am with you, your love is looking after me, you are not allowing me to move at wrongfully -though I miss you each not read this darling-when I will not be here someday if you want then read it, I love you, always do,

lity munshi
you may be thinking-'what she is doing ?' let me tell you-what I am doing. though this letter could be posted you directly- anyhow, does not matter. when I feel there are plenty of walls around me- I want to go to you , and I can't, feels like chained. when I saw you are with me silently - and I could not figure out 'why'?-then I feel to crash everything beside me you may be laughed at me, laughted at my feelings , you may be enjoying when my tears comes out with a loud voice in pain, I feel you are most rude one who is watching me in this-but is not helping are the reason , you are the medicine -of my lost heart. my world- I never asked for you from almighty , never I thought I deserve love. when I have now- I am feeling what is the actual power of love. my love- I do not take away your normal life, though I have no idea you love me or not- but for sure you now my feelings for you at very first day. I do not ask you to come without your practical life without your feelings with me , or without any reason. I love you not because physical demand. it is far beyond of that. many times I thought -you do not response me- never did- why I am not angry with you or why I am not able to stay away from you - I have only answer - a relationship with soul. I can't stay a moment without you in my heart. wherever you are when I remember you , feel proud of you , feel you are the person who could shake me as a woman than a high headed rude person. whenever I thought of you- I smiled. I get angry , destroy your photos , my notes to you- but it is growing..more and more, my dear world- you are free.but I am bounded to love you , without you I will be dark lifeless shadow. I want you infront of me.your morning will get a start by my side at bed- will be finished at night by my side. my love- life is short.i know -may be I will not receive you, but I feel this way about you and my love to you. what I want ? a little force apply on me by you than on machine , in love.I want you to take me in your hold - when I am angry with you, a little force with a kiss or your expression of love. that's it. no- I will not be destruction of your life. if these are not for me- I will ask you stand out of me-.let me handle my pain, my obstacles, and an incomplete journey without you. love.

lity munshi
there are many days with very minimum result what she was looking for. people feels they way they want to feel. she did readers will ask - what about? I must say she did not know what for she was waiting. one day certainly reply came.unexpected way is that - this was not even her part of life. people trust.whom ? each other.this is a big factor to grow socially and personally. as I saw - within limitation people adjust very becomes difficult for them when this boundary gets off their life and limitations becomes limitless. it is big thing when we do not challenge our challenges on our way. as I saw her - obstacles came to her way each day , she wake up with responsibility , went to sleep with the load of failure each day. I have seen her - her little heart was unknown about many parts of the normal surrounding like others had. still she continued by extreme energy.she used to seem- enjoying to give hard fight everyday.what she became through - she did not see.I saw. she got every possible common simple the time to build her mind and body -she did all injustice to her.not even understand still sometimes , how she neglect herself. as I saw her-small world , without spreading her teenager energy of life -very few times lived for herself. I saw her death. I saw her life at the starting point. starting was silent -and middle or end was helpless. she used to talk to me- if I suggest her to stop or think for others, she used to be hurt.she thought these things are day we were going for picnic.we were same school same class group-I asked her , o come with us. she deny.reason was to be at home because of household duties.childhood has many memories- she was a good writer at school or her written subject -there was no romance , or self dream.I remember - we both used to go district library to read.her books were very high class literature written by big writers , from country or out of country.i never dare to touch those books.i could not able to understand the story all together. few years back- I saw her in a remote place of our place somewhere. that brave heart was looking lifeless fish-who is without water. doing responsibility is good thing. to be educating the necessity of these also an important part of life. people marry , then having children, then their life becomes unlimited responsibility under the shadow of absence of self dream and it's fulfillment.I saw her without anything.i left the place with a prayer -she is dead one-she must get some rest now. without love , care romance under huge customs of being girl-one cultural possibility became a wastage.I saw her death.on road.once , she was heart of her home, lack of support to grow -now she is alone , without any hope and possibility or dream.her eyes was open.i sat to her.touched her cold body.her open eyes were asking many questions - I closed it by my right she is at rest. municipality vehicle came.took her to crematorium.I felt relief.that childhood to be normal.playing , studying , friends, home, educational targets, and slowly achievement.nothing went systematic way.and she left alone by her home , by wrong myth. I saw her death of love for life.a death of dream for her own successful working life.she is a wastage on earth without her expression of living reason. people thinks and hurt others easily , without knowing how they are living truly.

lity munshi
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like other women i never look at me so closely.there was once a friend of mine who compliment me with simple way-' how you do this? so same slim way i am watching from our teens-and look at me, i do so much..but can not make it in shape..'my friend was sounding helpless.first time i got to know my figure is attractive in a girl's view. second one my mother.she was like watching me very first time -her fingers are too long and beautiful''-i looked back to her voice.she continued -'yes.i never noticed before..'' i used to heard very ugly comment about my skin color or my may be i never meet the right person who looked at and say- you are beautiful'. is it necessary ?psychology of a person takes a shape on various conditions. one is the truth. you must know the when i look at me i get surprised - why i never got the truth? and on that basis i thought on society no one will have love for whatever is coming on my way that is only i deserve. it is surprise for me- i had no idea about of myself.all my mistakes done by based on my misconception.and if something good came to me- i started to think no i dont deserve this.because i can not make any one happy. a child need truth about her quality and beauty.that is one tool to make her decision correct.if childhood injected by ugly racist false impression can have big impact. sometimes a child can be talented in various ways, and people don't appreciate because they don't say the truth.because of jealousy or ignorance.society has this racist attitude which destroy many life to grow in correct manner. as a normal human being i always looked at me as people make me to see, and i was not enough educated psychologically that i am taking myself the skin of a death opinion. life has given me a it late to know i am talented ?or i am beautiful?or i can be loved by equally much more talented people than me? perhaps no.i am late.but happy to know the truth.because of the sentence ''you dont ask for more, you are ugly, black''helped me to take wrong decisions.why i am writing this?because life ask me to so.that no one who is talented beautiful by heart do feel less than anything she dream for. today i looked at me - i am in pain, love, pampered by destiny, and i feel 'yes i deserve to be one part of this world. this is a story of a life what is happening this moment somewhere one should think less about themselves.

lity munshi
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