Loren Eiseley Quotes

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Many of us who walk to and fro upon our usual tasks are prisoners drawing mental maps of escape -Loren Eiseley
Each and all, we are riding into the dark. Even living, we cannot remember half the events of our own days. -Loren Eiseley
When man becomes greater than nature, nature, which gave us birth, will respond. -Loren Eiseley
To have dragons one must have change; that is the first principle of dragon lore. -Loren Eiseley
Life may exist in yonder dark, but it will not wear the shape of man -Loren Eiseley
Perhaps he knew, there in the grass by the waters, that he had before him an immense journey. -Loren Eiseley
At the core of the universe, the face of God wears a smile -Loren Eiseley
The iron did not remember the blood it had once moved within, the phosphorous had forgot the savage brain. -Loren Eiseley
The secret, if one may paraphrase a savage vocabulary, lies in the egg of night. -Loren Eiseley
One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human. -Loren Eiseley
Like the herd animals we are, we sniff warily at the strange one among us. -Loren Eiseley
It is frequently the tragedy of the great artist, as it is of the great scientist, that he frightens the ordinary man. -Loren Eiseley
The great artist, whether he be musician, painter, or poet, is known for this absolute unexpectedness. -Loren Eiseley
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