Louis Theroux Quotes

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The world is a stage we walk upon. We are all in a way fictional characters who write ourselves with our beliefs. -Louis Theroux
I think everybody carries a slight sense of being different, and I know that it comes very naturally to me. -Louis Theroux
A lot of money could be saved if we ate urban wildlife. -Louis Theroux
I don't go around saturated in guilt or anything like that. I do worry about things quite a lot, but I don't feel as though I am a bad person. -Louis Theroux
I try not to be too judgmental. -Louis Theroux
I'm not pugnacious or argumentative. I'd probably feel fear going into a pub in the Outback. -Louis Theroux
I never misrepresent my position - you've got to be strong enough to make the argument and marshal the case. -Louis Theroux
I'm not that comfortable doing polemic or being strident. -Louis Theroux
I think of myself as being quite affable, approachable, fairly easy to get to know. -Louis Theroux
I am genuinely a bit confused about the world, a little bit bumbling. -Louis Theroux
L.A. is the opposite of Britain in a lot of respects, and that's what draws so many British people here. -Louis Theroux
Empires will come and go. The Soviet Union collapses; China can become a superpower, but 'Blue Peter' stays the same. -Louis Theroux
There is no religion that has a monopoly on bigotry. -Louis Theroux
I have been to a few A-list parties, but not massively. It's not my life, but it's fun dipping into it. -Louis Theroux
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