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I think achieving a higher fiscal stability is also a very important condition for restoring an environment which is conducive to growth. -Lucas Papademos
The participation of our country in the eurozone is a guarantee for the country's monetary stability. It is a driver of financial prosperity. -Lucas Papademos
The ECB's interventions in sovereign bond markets should not be perceived or interpreted as a 'freebie' for governments. They are temporary. -Lucas Papademos
I am not a politician but I have dedicated the biggest part of my professional life to economic policy both in Greece and Europe. -Lucas Papademos
My job will not be easy but I am convinced the problems will be solved in a quicker and more efficient way if there is unity and consensus. -Lucas Papademos
More cuts were needed to avoid exiting the eurozone. -Lucas Papademos
Dealing with Greece's problems will be more difficult if Greece is not a member of the eurozone. -Lucas Papademos
I think it's often discussed that leaving the Euro is an option for Greece. I think this is really not an option. -Lucas Papademos
So it won't be a surprise when the Greek default actually happens and we expect it one way or the other to be relatively soon. -Lucas Papademos
Our eurozone partners have made it clear: The choice is between staying in or getting out of the eurozone. -Lucas Papademos
Greece could default on its debts and even exit currency bloc if it cannot deliver reforms. -Lucas Papademos
We must all assume out responsibilities to take the country forward. -Lucas Papademos
I think the facts reveal that the European partners have taken extraordinary measures to help Greece address its problems. -Lucas Papademos
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