Lynne Doughtie Quotes

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Different perspectives, experiences, and insights improve decision-making and lead to superior performance. -Lynne Doughtie
Innovation can't just happen within the walls of your own organization. -Lynne Doughtie
The best leaders begin with an environment that embraces and rewards change and innovation. -Lynne Doughtie
KPMG is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, , and quality, and we are dedicated to the capital markets we serve. -Lynne Doughtie
The most forward-leaning leaders are single-minded about creating company cultures that foster a true spirit of innovation. -Lynne Doughtie
Innovation demands risk-taking - which, in turn, entails redefining failure, stripping away its power to inhibit. -Lynne Doughtie
We have always believed that the most successful solutions reflect a diversity of skills, thinking, experiences, and outlooks. -Lynne Doughtie
Strategy is the starting point for a transformation that needs to occur and how that company must change to win. -Lynne Doughtie
Culture is nourished by human motivation - a limitless resource that can sometimes be underestimated. -Lynne Doughtie
Innovation has to be pervasive. -Lynne Doughtie
My personality is to want to be the best at everything. -Lynne Doughtie
Mentors and sponsors are beneficial for personal and career growth. -Lynne Doughtie
Convergence and the blurring of lines across industries creates the opportunity for women to really excel. -Lynne Doughtie
I have found that women are really in their element in a very collaborative approach. -Lynne Doughtie
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