Mahmoud Emam Quotes

Mahmoud Emam Quotes: Sometimes I just wanna hold your hand, look in your eyes and tell you: You're my baby boo. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Mahmoud Emam Quote: I loved her once, I love her still and I always will. She may have pushed me away but in her heart I'll stay. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Quotes about Mahmoud Emam: Don't take something for granted. Someday, someone will come along and appreciate what you didn't. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Quote about Mahmoud Emam: Sometimes you have to stop trying with some people. If they care, they'll make an effort. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Mahmoud Emam Sayings: It's going to be the memories that will kill us in the end. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Mahmoud Emam Saying: Im sorry I wasn't the type of guy you were looking for but if you give me the chance to prove myself, I promise you that you wouldn't regret it. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Mahmoud Emam Greetings: When the best is possible, better is not enough... -Mahmoud Emam

Mahmoud Emam Messages: Realized I gave my heart to someone that didn't care at all and I found it crying in the corner. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Sayings about Mahmoud Emam: Don't go. Please stay. Don't you remember? You said forever. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Saying about Mahmoud Emam: So many times I've tried, so many times I refused to give up but I guess in the end it never really did matter to you, did it? -Mahmoud El Hallab

Mahmoud Emam Quotes: Sadness is the salt that gives happiness it's taste. -Mahmoud Emam

Mahmoud Emam Quote: No matter how long its been, every time I stare at the pictures we took, it still feels like yesterday. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Quotes about Mahmoud Emam: When you lose someone that means a lot to you, you lose a part of you. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Quote about Mahmoud Emam: In the end, every single moment with you was worth it. -Mahmoud El Hallab

Mahmoud Emam Sayings: You're the one I'll never forget. Not today, not tomorrow and not even in a thousand years. -Mahmoud El Hallab