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I watch vlogs on YouTube. I watch Jenna Marbles a lot - I think she's really funny - and a lady called Daily Grace. -Maisie Williams
Sexuality in girls isn't explored as much as it should be. Everyone gets freaked out - it's quite a taboo thing for girls to wanna have sex -Maisie Williams
I use Twitter a lot. That's how I communicate with international fans. Everyone's always really, really nice. -Maisie Williams
I'm a little bit awkward on Twitter; like, I'm never really sure what to say. -Maisie Williams
I have this really bad habit of doing things on the Internet and forgetting that the whole world is going to see it. -Maisie Williams
I stress out so much about the red carpet and interviews and pictures, and, you know, not getting my skirt tucked in my knickers. -Maisie Williams
You know sometimes when you're in a really bad mood and you're not sure why? That's how I get sometimes. -Maisie Williams
Whether I like it or not, I've become influential to people, -Maisie Williams
I'm sorry; I ruin people's interviews because I just talk about rubbish. -Maisie Williams
People go down bad paths and they make bad decisions, but it's always justified in their head. -Maisie Williams
It's not like I've ever been the popular pretty girl at school or anything. I was always such a weirdo. -Maisie Williams
If you've got cool nails, you wake up and you're like, 'Oh, I'm happy now.' -Maisie Williams
'Cake Boss' does massive, massive things, which are great. -Maisie Williams
If you're having a down time at school and people are bullying you, they don't know you. They don't have the right to have an opinion on you. -Maisie Williams
No one is born evil; it's just the choices that they make. -Maisie Williams
I'd much rather be liked because people realize that I'm standing up for myself. -Maisie Williams
I talk to myself quite a lot, and when things get stressful, I just tell myself to breathe. -Maisie Williams
It's never black and white on 'Game of Thrones.' If you think it's black and white, you're watching it wrong. -Maisie Williams
I still study dance, and it's definitely something I want to incorporate in the future. It's always been my first love. -Maisie Williams
People throw insults at you, and sometimes they hit a nerve - and it's about not showing that, because they will pick on that. Don't feed the trolls! -Maisie Williams
I think people think I'm a lot younger than I am because of how I look on screen. -Maisie Williams
I have a Facebook page for me and my friends and a Twitter page. -Maisie Williams
I like 'Glee' a lot. It's kind of like my guilty pleasure. -Maisie Williams
I struggle to come up to people and say what I think. -Maisie Williams
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