Marissa Clarke Quotes

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For the first time in his centuries of life, doing the right thing didn't seem like the right thing to do. -Marissa Clarke
Never, even in his wildest dreams, had his imagination come close to the reality of her. -Marissa Clarke
Use your dick, don't be one. -Marissa Clarke
Sometimes that's what it takes. Putting it all out there and hoping love wins. -Marissa Clarke
Freedom you earn is more powerful than freedom handed to you. -Marissa Clarke
If there was anything he'd learned in his life, it was to fight fire with fire, and if that didn't work, piss on the fire to put it out. -Marissa Clarke
Claire, if you don't move, I will have served two tours of duty only to die in this bed. -Marissa Clarke
She came out of nowhere like a two-by-four against the skull, knocking all common sense out of him and turning him into a walking woody. -Marissa Clarke
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