Marjory Stoneman Douglas Quotes

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All we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
The problem of the environment is the extension of good housekeeping of the thinking woman. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
I take advantage of every thing I can - age, hair, disability - because my cause is just. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
I believe that life should be lived so vividly and so intensely that thoughts of another life, or of a longer life, are not necessary. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Life should be lived so vividly and so intensely that thoughts of another life, or of a longer life, are not necessary. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
There is nothing inherently wrong with a brain in your nineties. If you keep it fed and interested, you'll find it lasts you very well. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
I'm just a tough old woman. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
It is a woman's business to be interested in the environment. It's an extended form of housekeeping. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
I wanted to go to a good college, and my mind was set on Wellesley. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
To be a friend of the Everglades is not necessarily to spend time wandering around out there. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
They are unique in the simplicity, the diversity, the related harmony of the forms of life that they enclose. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
You have to stand up for some things in this world. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
There is always the need to carry on. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Whoever wants me to talk, I'll come over and tell them about the necessity of preserving the Everglades. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Conservation is now a dead word. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
You can't conserve what you haven't got. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
I'll talk about the Everglades at the drop of a hat. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
It's a little bit late in the day for men to object that women are getting outside their proper sphere. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Since 1972, I've been going around making speeches on the Everglades. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
No matter how poor my eyes are I can still talk. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Sometimes, I tell them more than they wanted to know. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
I feel greatly at fault in not having made a loud public protest about Belle Glade before this. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
No one is satisfied with their life's work. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Pigheaded covers a multitude of virtues - as well as sins. -Marjory Stoneman Douglas
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