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The most important imperative to be questioned is the one that tells you to go the the art supply store to be a painter. -Mark Bradford
I always made stuff but never thought, I'm going to be an artist. -Mark Bradford
I don't believe in blanket statements on race. -Mark Bradford
In the city, you're always looking around, observing everything. In some neighborhoods, your life can depend on it. The details change constantly. -Mark Bradford
My mom was a free spirit, and she brought me up to be a free spirit. -Mark Bradford
I don't look at things in black and white. There are big gray areas. There's a lot of slippage. -Mark Bradford
I look at art as a container. You can't get inside it, so you have to ask all of these questions. -Mark Bradford
I just follow the things I'm interested in. That's always guided me. If I'm interested in something, that's where I go. -Mark Bradford
If Home Depot doesn't have it, Mark Bradford doesn't need it. -Mark Bradford
Everything I do has an underlying political question. -Mark Bradford
I fell through the holes in the educational system. But education is still a way to change a life. -Mark Bradford
About the time I was 7, I got really into black-exploitation films, so I made my own Wonder Woman, but I made her black. -Mark Bradford
I can go to my own opening, and the security guard will tell me that I have to go to the security entrance. -Mark Bradford
I figure if you have one person that loves you, that's enough, growing up. You just need one person in your corner. -Mark Bradford
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