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Happiness is ideal, it is the work of the imagination. -Marquis de Sade
No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful. -Marquis de Sade
Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced. -Marquis de Sade
Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature's mandates. -Marquis de Sade
It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others -Marquis De Sade
T requires only two things to win credit for a miracle: a mountebank and a number of silly women. -Marquis De Sade
In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice. -Marquis De Sade
It requires only two things to win credit for a miracle: a mountebank and a number of silly women. -Marquis de Sade
Certain souls may seem harsh to others, but it is just a way, beknownst only to them, of caring and feeling more deeply. -Marquis de Sade
There is no God, Nature sufficeth unto herself; in no wise hath she need of an author. -Marquis de Sade
I want to be the victim of his errors. -Marquis de Sade
My vengeance needs blood. -Marquis de Sade
We are no guiltier in following the primative impulses that govern us than is the Nile for her floods or the sea for her waves. -Marquis de Sade
In order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the true measure of a man. -Marquis de Sade
that tender compunction of the honest-minded, so different from the hateful intoxication of criminals... -Marquis de Sade
The man who alters his way of thinking to suit others is a fool. -Marquis de Sade
Self-interest lies behind all that men do, forming the important motive for all their actions; this rule has never deceived me -Marquis de Sade
Oh! my friend, never seek to corrupt the person whom you love, it can go further than you think... -Marquis de Sade
Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated. -Marquis de Sade
If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be. -Marquis de Sade
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