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The really important people in TV are not the directors; they're the writers. -Mary Harron
I'm bored by films that revolve around a trick. I kind of know if a film is right for me; all the most important decisions are made intuitively. -Mary Harron
I think any big success is paralyzing. I have observed it in others. -Mary Harron
I make unpopular versions of popular things. I make a horror film and it's not a horror film. None of my genre movies function as genre movies. -Mary Harron
I really dislike it when women reject feminism; that's ridiculous. I am a product of feminism. Without feminism I would not be making films. -Mary Harron
I realized you can always make money; you just do a lot of things. -Mary Harron
It's interesting that gay men and young women have been the twin engines of the Bettie [Page] cult. -Mary Harron
I wonder if Bettie Page original gay cult had something to do with the ironies inherent in her image, as well as her innate fabulousness as an image. -Mary Harron
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