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I was pretty far gone, but not so far gone that I thought anyone with half a toehold in reality would think what we were doing was a good idea. -Meg Rosoff
The average attention span of the modern human being is about half as long as whatever youre trying to tell them. -Meg Rosoff
Life is absolutely horrific, leading up to absolute horror. -Meg Rosoff
Things Happen and once they start happening you pretty much just to hold on for dear life and see where they drop you when they stop. -Meg Rosoff
Time erodes us all. -Meg Rosoff
Ask any comedian, tennis player, chef. Timing is everything. -Meg Rosoff
After all this time, I know exactly where I belong. Here. With Edmond. And that's how I live now. -Meg Rosoff
Gil has put his book down and is gazing at something inside his head. -Meg Rosoff
She frowned at him. 'You are in love with solitude.' 'Is there a better cure for the world than solitude? -Meg Rosoff
How doe we define the energy of thought versus the energy of action. -Meg Rosoff
A piano might fall on your head, he said, but it also might not. And in the meantime you never know. Something nice might happen. -Meg Rosoff
Every war has it's turning points, and every person too. -Meg Rosoff
Staying alive was what we did to pass the time. -Meg Rosoff
If there was ever a more perfect day in the history of time it isn't one I've heard about. -Meg Rosoff
I, a late riser, fantasise about getting up every morning at 5 A.M. to fetch the horses in from the fields. -Meg Rosoff
While working in advertising, I channelled my creative energy into elaborate escape fantasies: cake making, dog breeding, the Peace Corps. -Meg Rosoff
I can't even trust my own imaginary dog. How much lower can a person get? -Meg Rosoff
Accept love instinctively, without responsibility or conditions. -Meg Rosoff
This was what happiness felt like - this wondrous, miraculous alternative to dread. -Meg Rosoff
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