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We don't ever realize how precious life is while we're living it. -Michael Arden
I would want everyone to love someone in the purest sense of the word - an unconditional love in which you don't expect anything in return. -Michael Arden
Sometimes, disaster can inspire ingenuity. -Michael Arden
I often think about what love can inspire in the world, not just in the eyes of the object of your affection. -Michael Arden
We learn the most from listening, and I don't just mean with our ears. -Michael Arden
Every decision you make has a consequence. -Michael Arden
Unless we build theater and performing arts, then we're not going to be creating future patrons. We need to make it accessible. -Michael Arden
My grandparents, Jim and Pat Moore, were an incredible couple. They drove me to the community theater, where I did plays as a kid. -Michael Arden
I remember sitting at home in West Texas listening to my 'Songs for a New World' CD over and over. -Michael Arden
Helping to open up the conversation about inclusion and diversity in casting has been a dream come true. -Michael Arden
A lot of times, comedy writers will go for the gay joke, and I've been vocal about saying, 'Go for the smart joke.' -Michael Arden
At its core, 'Spring Awakening' is about the perils of miscommunication and what happens when people are denied a voice. -Michael Arden
I really enjoy 'The Beauty Is' from 'Light in the Piazza.' -Michael Arden
Kelli O'Hara is incredible. -Michael Arden
I read 'Huffington Post' as if I am a shareholder. -Michael Arden
I think Rafael Nadal is pretty spectacular. I have a feeling he might be part animal. -Michael Arden
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