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It's very difficult to fail at pornography -Michael Chabon
For me, nostalgia is an involuntary emotion. I think it's just a natural human response to loss. -Michael Chabon
A hope fulfilled is already half a disappointment. -Michael Chabon
... and because it was a drunken perception, it was perfect, entire, and lasted about half a second. -Michael Chabon
He was a fugitive, lurking soul, James Leer. He didn't belong anywhere, but things went much better for him in places where nobody belonged. -Michael Chabon
The other day as I was stepping out of Star Grocery on Claremont Avenue with some pork ribs under my arm, the Berkeley sky cloudless, a smell of jasmine in the air, a car driving by with its window rolled down, trailing a sweet ache of the Allman Brothers' "Melissa, " it struck me that in order to have reached only the midpoint of my life I will need to live to be 92. That's pretty old. If you live to be ninety-two, you've done well for yourself. I'd like to be optimistic, and I try to take care of my health, but none of my grandparents even made it past 76, three killed by cancer, one by Parkinson's disease. If I live no longer than any of them did, I have at most thirty years left, which puts me around sixty percent of the way through my time. I am comfortable with the idea of mortality, or at least I always have been, up until now. I never felt the need to believe in heaven or an afterlife. It has been decades since I stopped believing-a belief that was never more than fitful and self-serving to begin with-in the possibility of reincarnation of the soul. I'm not totally certain where I stand on the whole "soul" question. Though I certainly feel as if I possess one, I'm inclined to disbelieve in its existence. I can live with that contradiction, as with the knowledge that my time is finite, and growing shorter by the day. It's just that lately, for the first time, that shortening has become perceptible. I can feel each tiny skyward lurch of the balloon as another bag of sand goes over the side of my basket.

Michael Chabon
There's nothing more embarrassing than to have earned the disfavor of a perceptive animal. -Michael Chabon
The whole house seemed to exhale a melancholy breath of emptiness -Michael Chabon
Although it wasn't raining anymore, the air was still heavy with water, and rain gutters were ringing all over Point Breeze. -Michael Chabon
A father is a man who fails every day. -Michael Chabon
this one-way rocket to Death in Adulthood
People with Books. What, in 2007, could be more incongruous than that? It makes me want to laugh.
It takes a sour woman to make a good pickle. -Michael Chabon
It was him, thirty years too old, twenty pounds too light, and forty watts too dim maybe, but him. -Michael Chabon
He felt, and not for the first time today, that he had not made a good decision in his personal or professional life since 1989. -Michael Chabon
As long as she was falling in love with me, I might as well start making her promises I didn't intend to keep. -Michael Chabon
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