Michael Servetus Quotes

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May the Lord destroy all the tyrants of the church. Amen. -Michael Servetus
I will burn, but this is a mere incident. We shall continue our discussion in eternity. -Michael Servetus
It is an invention of the devil, an infernal falsity for the destruction of all Christianity. -Michael Servetus
To seek truth and to utter what one believes to be true can never be a crime. No one must be forced to accept a conviction. Conviction is free. -Michael Servetus
In the Bible, there is no mention of the Trinity. .  .  . We get to know God, not through our proud philosophical concepts, but through Christ. -Michael Servetus
And because his Spirit was wholly God, he is called God, and he is called man on account of his flesh. -Michael Servetus
I will burn, but this is a mere event. We shall continue our discussion in eternity. -Michael Servetus
Jesus, Son of the Eternal God, have mercy on me. -Michael Servetus
Nothing can be found in the intellect if previously has not been found in the senses. -Michael Servetus
Neither with those nor with the others, with all I agree and dissent; in all part of truth and part of error must be seen. -Michael Servetus
To kill a man is not to defend a doctrine, but to kill a man. -Michael Servetus
God gave us the mind so that we can know him. -Michael Servetus
May God in his mercy enable us without obstinacy to perceive our errors. -Michael Servetus
There is therefore a tremendous mystery in the fact that God may be united with man and the man with God. -Michael Servetus
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