Mike Pence Quotes

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The President reminded us that the war in Iraq is a central battlefield in the war on terror that began the morning of September the 11th. -Mike Pence
These projects will spur economic development and improve the quality of life for thousands of Hoosiers, -Mike Pence
A republic - if you can keep it - is about limitation, and for good reason, because we are mortal and our actions are imperfect. -Mike Pence
Budgets are moral documents. Federal funding should reflect the priorities and the values of the majority of the American people. -Mike Pence
I think I've always believed in Ronald Reagan's adage,
It is not for the State Department or even the Secretary of State to say when and how the resources of the American people will be spent. -Mike Pence
It's time to save the U.N. from its own scandals and mismanagement. It's time for U.N. Reform with teeth -Mike Pence
In Indiana, the Affordable Care Act will raise the average cost of health insurance in the individual market by an unaffordable 72 percent. -Mike Pence
Adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles -Mike Pence
As a conservative who believes in limited government, I believe that the only check on government power in real time is a free and independent press. -Mike Pence
Well the truth is, Republicans didn't just lose a few elections, we lost our way. -Mike Pence
Our founders insisted that protecting the states' power to govern themselves was vital to limit the power of Washington and preserve freedom. -Mike Pence
I never thought I'd live to see the day that an American administration would denounce the state of Israel for rebuilding Jerusalem. -Mike Pence
I opposed the Medicare prescription drug entitlement. I opposed the Wall Street bailout. I opposed the stimulus bill. -Mike Pence
I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order. -Mike Pence
Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn't kill. -Mike Pence
The Patriot Act is essential to our continued success in the war on terror here at home. -Mike Pence
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