Molly Harper Quotes

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Maybe the problem was that we never struggled. We just coasted along. The thing about coasting is that it usually means you're going downhill. -Molly Harper
Are you going to answer my questions, or do I have to whack you with a stick until delicious candy surprises fall out? -Molly Harper
Wait until you meet my family. At Thanksgiving, we kill everything we can find, put it into a pot, and call it 'holiday gumbo'. -Molly Harper
I supplied in a tone so saccharine that it should have tipped him off that his testicular health was in serious peril. -Molly Harper
Ophelia was beating some poor underling for not knowing her arse from the sparse collection of cells between her ears. -Molly Harper
A boot up the ass could be considered a 'nudge' right? -Molly Harper
I sighed. 'Ah spite, the stuff of fairy tales. -Molly Harper
Cooper! Help!' The coward turned and walked into the kitchen as if he hadn't seen me getting frogmarched by the estrogen squad. -Molly Harper
I look like Barbara Bush in drag.
Hi Maggie, it's nice to see you again, ' he said, smiling so sweetly I thought I might need insulin. -Molly Harper
To say I had some pent-up anger would be like saying Britney Spears had minor impulse-control issues. -Molly Harper
You can't worry about the future so much that you miss out on the present. -Molly Harper
I don't care what tomorrow brings, as long as I have you. -Molly Harper
Misery, thy name is Mudslide -Molly Harper
Stupid werewolf ninja sperm. -Molly Harper
There was not a lot of room for someone like me, who kept the gossip mill running like a hamster wheel. -Molly Harper
I hated her out of principle; and that principle was bitterness. -Molly Harper
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