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I got my house shoes on and my white t-shirt My basketball shorts, I'm about to get some Squirt I brought my own cup with a little ice in it Cause I might mix it up and get nice in a minute They call me ghetto but I don't give a damn Cause I'm standin' on the corner with my cup in my hand Other hand down the front of my pants, scratchin' my balls They sag a little bit so you might see my drawers I'm on pause Man, I'm in my chill mode Just got paid and I got a little bill fold I'm feelin' good man, you can't tell me nothin' Then the homie Verbs roll up, yo what's up man? Nothin' homie with the spokes I'm on move Tryin' to get some jerky and some coconut juice Yeah I just cranked a couple miles and the sweat is droppin' down I was set around your town To Supowida and Pico made a right by some hills And now I'm at the store with MURS, we fienda chill But now a nigga awfully thirsty, that's for reals So Verbs spins till your thirst quencher on the grill But I ain't got no skrill But homie can you spot like we workin' on the bitches Make sure you get some Optimos and Swishers I'm about to go the distance with this eye And by the way my nigga can you get a can of Sprite? What you want from the store man? Let a nigga know But hurry up fool cause I'm ready to go I want a Snicker bar and a Dentyne Ice Well if you kick your boy down with some ends that'd be nice What you want from the store man? Let a nigga know But you need to hurry up cause I'm ready to go I want some chips I want some drink What you think this is? You better your ass up and come and roll with the kid Let me tell you how this ish went down Eatin' bags of chips and I'm in Mid-town Meetin' pretty ass broads that I met in Santa Mon- Ica, oh yeah and MURS And we ran out of the car I have solutions Let's walk to the store She said it would be faster if we up and use my car Aye aye aye aye, that would be a waste of gas and These siddity girls actin' like they got classes Two little group-ies Actin' hella boushe All they do is listen to Kid Cudi and Lupe Hold up I ain't even tryin' to clown but What I'm tryin' to say is they from the other side of town What's up man? These chicks ain't never been to the hood? They look a little shook like they think they too good Like my neighborhood store ain't up to they standards You can get a white tee or a new bandanna A bag of Gummy Bears and some new tube socks A pack of Trojan large and a fruit juice box Some new 2Pac and some bootleg DVDs Dominos, Doritos and some dirty magazines What more do you need? A nickel bag of weed? My boy got them sacks but they got a couple seeds And if that ain't good enough, you just ain't hood enough Get your ass on before my home girls fuck you up What you want from the store man? Let a nigga know But you need to hurry up cause I'm ready to go I want some cupcakes Bring me up somethin' fool You still owe me from the last time that shit ain't cool What you want from the store man? Let a nigga know But you need to hurry up cause I'm ready to go I want an Arizona Homie, the mango kind That's cool but I'm gonna have to keep the change this time

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