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Pour Into My Spirit... spread your arms around me console me and keep me close - wield your mighty sword to vanquish all my foes... -Muse
Ocular infidelity is unfortunately rampant in this so called
flames moved towards him and dropped within - singed and marred his tender skin... (the frightful plight tale) -Muse
ancient days of sorrow ancient days of pain - heartaches of the past slowly began to wane... (from gleaning granules) -Muse
The Bane... where coxswain's dirt and seaman's shirts brushed bawdily upon her chest... -Muse
Brahma and Airavata Long ago in lands of golden sand Brahma turned to Saraswati and gently kissed her inked hand... -Muse
The River Swish Deftly maneuvered through the dark green abyss ~ The wooden raft seemed in tune with this ~ Canorous rush of the river swish... -Muse
Calico Kitty My calico kitty was painted and primed she could prowl the night away ~ without spending a dime... -Muse
Do You Believe... on this road of life on this day I take you now husband and wife... -Muse
Do You Believe Do you believe that I have loved you since the dawn of time? Do you believe that we were destined to be intertwined?... -Muse
I ache not from need - but from my heart's gluttony of you. -Muse
Ode to the Chamber... linger here amidst the chamber in which we embrace our love talk to me of sonnets and call me turtledove... -Muse
I Cannot Remember You... engulfed in liquid amnesia I cannot fight the tide -Muse
I cannot remember you when the rain flows down - I cannot remember you and my heart begins to drown... -Muse
Agony's Plot A zephyr skimmed across my creamy skin gently kissing where the sun had been... -Muse
I'd Drown For You I opened my heart to you A complete immersion I offered my soul to you A heavenly diversion -Muse
White Iris The iris danced across the ancient Grecian skies gliding with her embossed satiny milken sides... -Muse
Chains chains that hold me to the ground chains that keep me solidly bound chains that tether my heart to you chains that hold only one truth... -Muse
Soul Sister Evoking all my inner goodness with bastions of time I cradle your heart sisterly into mine... -Muse
Don't waste your time or time will waste you. -Muse
Follow through. Make your dreams come true. Don't give up the fight. You will be alright. Cause there's no one like you in the universe -Muse
They Served... reliving memories that will not die giving their all for you and I - friends taken lives shaken... -Muse
Saturated Arrogance... imprisoned muses cried to be free she took away their quills and said do not bother me... -Muse
Saturated Arrogance... she rebuked those about her in darkness did she dwell a pathetic history all mortal man would tell.. -Muse
Solace of Silence surreal synapses of a melancholy drone a dream per chance she dared not be alone... -Muse
Tender Ember... Barred and branded to be forever unloved I was a tender ember seeking solace from above... -Muse
Meadow's Waltz... the meadow had become her sanctuary of spirit offering an escape from a pain no child should ever endure foreboding clouds began... -Muse
At Times I Am A Flower... at times I am a flower ~ singularly defined... -Muse
The Inner Self... What makes us who we are should be glorified personified and sung unto the stars! -Muse
A Coy Aversion... a flutter too shy to be seen... -Muse
I would write my tears, weeping out my pain - I would empty my veins for ink. -Muse
Every writer should know their target. Aim for the heart ~ hit that and all which follows is sheer ecstasy. -Muse
Mother Hushed and sacred silence fills the dawning sky I ponder in this moment of our journey which is nigh... -Muse
Chains chains that hold me to the ground chains that keep me solidly bound chains that tether my heart to you chains that only one truth... -Muse
Bring Down The Walls I will bring down the walls that surround me today. I will no longer be kept quiet Meek enough to drown today... -Muse
Cradle of Solitude For we know not why our tribulations are given as such our fragile forms created from the dust... -Muse
Sleeping Atlantis Silent cool waters dancing upon her skin ~ silent cool water ushering dreams within... -Muse
I don't write to chase away my demons ~ I wield my pen as a weapon... calling those bastards to war! -Muse
Hasten Little Maiden... stop and listen for pearls of wisdom stop and listen as the river glistens... -Muse
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