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November, I'll give thanks that you belong to me. December, you're the present beneath my Christmas tree. -Neil Sedaka
I've always enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of my grandchildren. -Neil Sedaka
As far as I'm concerned, all politicians are fake people. -Neil Sedaka
If you have a passion for something, never be discouraged by anyone. -Neil Sedaka
I have inner peace; I have accomplished a great deal. -Neil Sedaka
The hymn 'Amazing Grace' is so inspirational - I wish I'd written it. -Neil Sedaka
I could have been bigger, but I wasn't controversial enough. I didn't do drugs or wreck rooms. There were no dramas in my private life. -Neil Sedaka
I love kids. I think I'm a child at heart. -Neil Sedaka
I actually started as a concert pianist. I had a scholarship to the Julliard School of Music. -Neil Sedaka
I am very proud of being Jewish. -Neil Sedaka
I like Manchester - I've played it many times. The people have a lot of chein, a lot of heart, and the audiences are very receptive. -Neil Sedaka
I had talent, and I was hungry for fame, and you can't say I didn't get it. -Neil Sedaka
I have written for, very fortunately, some great singers from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley. -Neil Sedaka
I didn't want to be a rock and roller. I wanted to be a Bobby Darin because he was the epitome of the performer, the sophisticated. -Neil Sedaka
The Apollo Theatre was a difficult audience, and if they didn't like you, they would let you know. Luckily, they liked me. -Neil Sedaka
My music is nostalgic. The early Neil Sedaka songs are always catchy and very singable. -Neil Sedaka
Howie Greenfield and I started writing music when I was 13 and he was 16. We lived in the same building. -Neil Sedaka
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