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I dance to the beat of the earth the memories are the lyrics I write nature leads my soul through this existence I call life. -Nikki Rowe
You have to keep doing it, Even if no one is watching. The best artists, are those Who live from their expressions, Not chasing the impressions. -Nikki Rowe
sometimes what you have planned, is nothing like the plan your soul invited you, to this earth for. -Nikki Rowe
Give a reason for your existence and make a life out of it. -Nikki Rowe
Amongst it all my soul craved one thing, Love, for it was the beginning and end of anything that will ever truly matter. -Nikki Rowe
Skateboarding has taught me two things - that symbolise a meaning of life. How to keep a balance and how to fall properly. -Nikki Rowe
She built her character with the adversity she had faced, so she could live the best of her life for the rest of life. -Nikki Rowe
I will teach my son, that his desire to be great doesn't depend on those unfortunate enough to ignore their own. -Nikki Rowe
don't let someone rearrange your path because they lost sight of their own. -Nikki Rowe
Her life is lived through the masterpiece of art, that she cannot draw. -Nikki Rowe
A true man will treat a woman how she treats herself, you can't expect to be valued a queen when your disrespecting your own crown. -Nikki Rowe
Skateboarding has taught me two things - that symbolise a meaning of life. How to keep a balance and how to pick yourself up when you've fallen. -Nikki Rowe
If you try to tame her she will fly away, because pretty little spirits like her, never like to be caged. -Nikki Rowe
She is like a butterfly, Beautiful to look at But hard to catch. -Nikki Rowe
I am facing a challenge, I am not facing defeat. Remember this. -Nikki Rowe
She made struggle look beautiful; so much, even darkness feared her light -Nikki Rowe
after all this time searching, i finally found what i was looking for; me. -Nikki Rowe
The world is so closed off to the inner beings of ourselves, I refuse to ever lower my energies to that. -Nikki Rowe
Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light. -Nikki Rowe
Cherish the beauty and cherish the pain, both will give you experience and you will never be the same -Nikki Rowe
He who becomes his most truthful self, becomes the leader for everyone else. -Nikki Rowe
Some women become reckless with the fire, some find every way to put it out and rise above with the ashes left behind. -Nikki Rowe
Spend time understanding who you are, after all the only person your ever going to truly live with; is yourself. -Nikki Rowe
Carrying confidence isn't being the person everyone likes, it's being yourself, regardless of who likes you. -Nikki Rowe
I'm enjoying getting to know me, one lesson at a time. -Nikki Rowe
He was the ocean and I was the sand, i lived content in stillness and he washed a shore everytime, as a better man. -Nikki Rowe
Let your feet Take you places, let them remind you of the beauty your eyes can't see. -Nikki Rowe
she will never grow old, her heart is too beautiful. -Nikki Rowe
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