Ozzy Osbourne Quotes

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I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy Rhoads from getting on that plane. -Ozzy Osbourne
Condemned to violence, arrested by pain. Inside the soul lies a man insane. -Ozzy Osbourne
There are no unsavable souls. -Ozzy Osbourne
You've got to try and take things to the next level, or you'll just get stuck in a rut. -Ozzy Osbourne
I've got many, many demons that affect me on many, many levels... -Ozzy Osbourne
You can choose, don't confuse, win or lose, it's up to you. -Ozzy Osbourne
Love and peace to everyone. May your God go with you. -Ozzy Osbourne
I think MTV should consider using subtitles. Half the time, even I can't understand what the fu*k I'm talking about. -Ozzy Osbourne
Killing a pig for a good old fry-up is one thing. But there's no excuse for being cruel, even if you're a bored teenage kid. -Ozzy Osbourne
I love you all, but you're all f*****g mad! -Ozzy Osbourne
I'm a very simple man. You've got to have, like, a computer nowadays to turn the TV on and off... and the nightmare continues. -Ozzy Osbourne
I just suddenly thought, people really get off on being scared. They pay money to see green foam come out of people's mouths. -Ozzy Osbourne
Rock music is not meant to be perfect. -Ozzy Osbourne
My son Jack just got out of rehab, he's 17 years old and he got hooked on Oxycontin and I'm just a little pissed off that he never gave me a few. -Ozzy Osbourne
Let me explain something to you - you have not been standing in front of thirty thousand decibals for thirty-five years - write me a note! -Ozzy Osbourne
The Beatles gave me everything. Especially Paul McCartney. I adore him. -Ozzy Osbourne
The introduction of heartache began as a child. -Ozzy Osbourne
Unholy soldier, disciple of sin, what kind of mind are you living in? -Ozzy Osbourne
The birth of a doubt that was once your belief is drowning in the tears that you cry. -Ozzy Osbourne
I'm a lunatic by nature, and lunatics don't need training
I have a genuine love affair with my audience. When I'm on stage they're not privileged to see me. It's a privilege for me to see them. -Ozzy Osbourne
We were very pleased to have the opportunity to come to Israel and visit the holy sites in the Old City. -Ozzy Osbourne
I'll only retire in the day I should be dead and they have me buried, and some idiot spell over my casket some stupid gospel stuff. -Ozzy Osbourne
I advise that pregnant women do not come to my concerts. -Ozzy Osbourne
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