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It's funny. You travel all over the world, and you wind up with a guy from your hometown. -Patty Smyth
When I was a kid, those were carefree days without much pressure. -Patty Smyth
Honesty is always hip. -Patty Smyth
There aren't any coincidences. I think things really happen for a reason. -Patty Smyth
When Scandal had a top 20 video, no one knew what I looked like. I had all this stuff on me. -Patty Smyth
I'd love to have a Christmas classic under my belt. It's hard to write a Christmas song. -Patty Smyth
I haven't always made all of the right decisions from a career perspective, but things worked out in the end. -Patty Smyth
Tennis players shouldn't get married. It hurts your game. -Patty Smyth
You had to have a great voice or talent as a musician before imaging or marketing plans came into play. -Patty Smyth
In the past, I've allowed myself to record songs that I wish I had not, but agreed to for one reason or another. -Patty Smyth
I'm able to do nothing. -Patty Smyth
It took a while for me to figure out how it all fit in, being a mother and being a woman and being a rock singer. -Patty Smyth
Scandal rarely toured after those first few hits. I want to go out and sing and connect with fans who may have never seen us live. -Patty Smyth
I'm not a Pat Benatar clone. I wish people would forget about that comparison. -Patty Smyth
You had to be tough to survive in my neighborhood. -Patty Smyth
When 'The Warrior' came out, Scandal was no more. -Patty Smyth
I went through a period of being disillusioned with touring. -Patty Smyth
I listen to country music. I listen to jazz. I listen to R&B. I listen to Jimi Hendrix a lot. -Patty Smyth
The more rocking, the better. -Patty Smyth
When you have a different mother, you want to be in her world. Because in mine, I didn't feel like I fit in. -Patty Smyth
Being a mom was a full-time job. I was never willing to sacrifice everything for my career. -Patty Smyth
Bios are always so dull and boring. -Patty Smyth
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