Per Petterson Quotes

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You decide for yourself when it will hurt. -Per Petterson
A dead dog is more quiet than a house on the steppes, a chair in a empty room. -Per Petterson
I rely heavily on rhythm when I write. You should tap your foot when you read it, all the way through. -Per Petterson
I worked in a bookstore in Oslo, importing the English-language books. -Per Petterson
If I just concentrate I can walk into memory's store and find the right shelf with the right film and disappear into it.... -Per Petterson
If you're a Norwegian writer, you are not visible in the world. The door of the English language is very hard to open for a Norwegian writer. -Per Petterson
I'm a family-based person, even though we didn't exactly have a very happy family. I was never in any doubt that this was a centre of writing. -Per Petterson
When my mother talked about her brother, there was this light in her eyes. I thought, 'This is the basis of a novel.' -Per Petterson
I write about families. That is who we are. -Per Petterson
Making sentences is what I do. I mean, the story will come as I write. -Per Petterson
A lot can change because you are embarrassed by something. -Per Petterson
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