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Although some people think I am a romantic novelist I have always thought of myself as a rather gritty radical historian. -Philippa Gregory
He may well speak French and Latin and half a dozen languages, but since he has nothing to say
But young hearts mend easily, and hearts that own half of England have something better to do than to beat faster for love. -Philippa Gregory
She has a smile that grows slowly and then shines, like an angel's smile. -Philippa Gregory
I have given my word that only death will take me from you. -Philippa Gregory
Men die in battle; women die in childbirth. -Philippa Gregory
Your son is heir to an enormous fortune and name. Someone would be bound to bid for you him and take him as his ward. -Philippa Gregory
Stars in the night, ' he said. 'Something something something something, some delight -Philippa Gregory
My mother? My own mother told my lady governess that if the baby and I were in danger then they should save the baby. -Philippa Gregory
I am, at this moment, what I have always been to him: an object of beauty. He has never loved me as a woman. -Philippa Gregory
Another husband, another new house, another new country, but I never belong anywhere and I never own anything in my own right. -Philippa Gregory
The world hasn't changed that much; men still rule. -Philippa Gregory
I am fit to capture a unicorn, and I should not be so questioned... -Philippa Gregory
I was born to be your rival, ' she [Anne] said simply. 'And you mine. We're sisters, aren't we? -Philippa Gregory
Before anything else I was a woman who was capable of passion and who had a great need and a great desire for love. -Philippa Gregory
I realize that I can laugh, that it is possible to be happy, that laughter and hope can come back to me. -Philippa Gregory
all that that I learn just teaches me that I know nothing. -Philippa Gregory
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