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When you wake up every day, it's like a new birthday: it's a new chance to be great again and make great decisions. -Poo Bear
Being genuinely humble and being myself has helped me succeed in my career. -Poo Bear
I learned years ago that the more honest you are about anything you're doing in life, you can grow and learn from your mistakes. -Poo Bear
People love music, but they also love the lifestyle and glam that comes along with it. -Poo Bear
I don't know about the rest of the world, but America loves redemption. They love giving people second chances. -Poo Bear
I never wanna settle; I never wanna be complacent - I gotta outwork everybody. -Poo Bear
Being a songwriter, my job is just to write songs for people. I'm not attached to them. -Poo Bear
Back in the Nineties, I was in an R&B group. I signed my first record deal when I was 12. -Poo Bear
I'm just used to working harder than everybody and other people taking the credit. -Poo Bear
You can't get tired of something you don't know exists. -Poo Bear
I'm like this ghost - you look around, and all you see is the artist. But if you look at the credits, it's still Poo Bear. -Poo Bear
It's cool to have a big record, but it's even cooler for the world to love it and sing along to it in every club word-for-word. It's a real feeling. -Poo Bear
I love R&B because it got me to where I am today, but at the same time, R&B just doesn't sell. -Poo Bear
Just because I make something doesn't mean that it's going to be amazing, and most creative people don't like to admit when their music is just okay. -Poo Bear
I'm trying to stay a song ahead, two songs ahead of everybody else. -Poo Bear
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