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We've been here before. She knows I won't stop until she screams. Her pride won't let her scream until she's on the cusp of death. -Poppet
Kissing her again, softly, I leave my t-shirt next to her pillow. It's the silent promise that I'll come back again tonight. -Poppet
This time you aren't escaping. It's time for a heart transplant. -Poppet
Hold tight, and I promise to do the same. We don't need a safety net Zena. We have each other. -Poppet
He's going to bite me! Instantly the last light in the room fades out as if announcing the reign of darkness. -Poppet
Eyes sparkling with blue open and stare a scalded soul at me. -Poppet
Terror starts picking at the seams of my mind, throwing hateful words like rapture and holocaust at me. -Poppet
In a perfect patch of paradise he stays immobile for an eternity while the predawn breath strokes his skin and kisses each vertebrae down his spine. -Poppet
I'm in a bastard mood, so wait for her to come to me without moving. Here kitty kitty, come to the lion's den. -Poppet
Pulped in his crushing strength, his hug is enough to smear me over his body like war paint. -Poppet
Look into my eyes and deny me. -Poppet
Rubbing absently at my temple, I do declare this woman leaves me flabbergasted and tongue tied. -Poppet
I've known you forever, and you are only just remembering me. -Poppet
I loathe being crimped into this deplorable position on the vampyre chessboard. -Poppet
Eyes darker than a midnight lake penetrate my thoughts with their intensity, and a big hand warmly covers mine -Poppet
she shakes her head, fisting hands into my t-shirt and sobbing into my neck. And all I can think about is how good this feels -Poppet
You can only push me so far little slakax, and then I will do what has to be done, with or without your permission. -Poppet
Facing him as I lower the glass from my lips, he's giving me one of those intense moonlit stares. -Poppet
I'm a tundra with wind endlessly blowing a hollow tunnel through me. -Poppet
Naive, and very very dangerous. If she only knew what treacherous waters she has just stepped into. -Poppet
God bless you butterfly, because now I'm claiming you like no mate has ever been claimed in the history of our kind -Poppet
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