R. J. Cutler Quotes

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I will say this: I think 'Big Brother' is the biggest snooze known to mankind. -R. J. Cutler
I was watching 'The September Issue' in the back of a theater in New York, and I thought, 'I know I really can do this with actors.' -R. J. Cutler
If ever we deserved a candidate at this moment in our culture, that candidate is Donald Trump. -R. J. Cutler
Feature filmmaking is a very powerful medium. It has a hold on me now. -R. J. Cutler
Whatever storytelling muscles you've developed as a documentary filmmaker will be extremely helpful as a narrative filmmaker. -R. J. Cutler
I discovered the theater when I was in the first grade. -R. J. Cutler
With 'If I Stay,' I want you to feel that the whole story is being told from a larger, spiritual point of view. So the beginning is very theatrical. -R. J. Cutler
I'm very curious to know what it's like, death - I always say to my wife, 'I wonder if we'll have the 'New York Times' when we're dead.' -R. J. Cutler
There is a fundamental notion at the core of American identity that, in this country, any little boy or girl can grow up to be president. -R. J. Cutler
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