R.k. Lilley Quotes

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My past has shaped me, that's true of anyone. -R.K. Lilley
I wondered how my heart could be both light with happiness and heavy with love at the same time. -R.K. Lilley
I had fallen in love with a perfect lie. -R.K. Lilley
Love is like that. It's like a wildfire in my blood. -R.K. Lilley
Is it romantic or psychotic when I say I'll never let you leave me? -R.K. Lilley
He was hurting, and I hurt with him. We had never been able to maintain any level of detachment from each other's suffering, and we didn't now. -R.K. Lilley
I've been trying to make my head rule my actions, when my heart has so obviously taken over. -R.K. Lilley
Careful, Love. You can't offer a starving man a feast and expect him not to take you up on it. -R.K. Lilley
It just seemed to me, that if you valued a thing, you found ways to keep it from being compromised. -R.K. Lilley
I also found it particularly encouraging that the decent people in his life were now outnumbering the crazy bitches -R.K. Lilley
You can call me Grandpa, if that does it for you. -R.K. Lilley
How could such a beautiful man be insecure? -R.K. Lilley
You put your soul into those paintings, and nothing in this world is more beautiful to me than that soul of yours. -R.K. Lilley
There's no room in perfection for insecurity. -R.K. Lilley
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