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The fanboy community can smell in an instant, like smelling fear, when something was tailor-made in order to reach them as a demographic. -Rian Johnson
That's part of the appeal of time-travel movies: The notion of going back and fixing something. -Rian Johnson
All of us have that feeling of some deficiency from our childhood. I think that's a universal thing. -Rian Johnson
Much of directing [a movie] is not directing but just listening and being present in the moment and just keeping your eyes open. -Rian Johnson
The momentum of production keeps you from giving up, so it's really the editing and writing phases where things can look bleakest. -Rian Johnson
My favorite sci-fi always uses its hook to amplify some bigger theme or idea - some emotional thrust. -Rian Johnson
Showing your movie to an audience... it's like your kid doing a piano recital. 'Just let it not fail. Please. -Rian Johnson
In almost the same way you know what your grandmother looks and sounds like, you know what Bruce Willis looks and sounds like. -Rian Johnson
Writing Kylo Ren is just so much fun. -Rian Johnson
I grew up having a sense of who Luke Skywalker is. -Rian Johnson
Belgrade has kind of a Dublinesque, dear-dirty charm. -Rian Johnson
You go from these high hopes when you're writing to just a desperate want of not making a complete fool of yourself by the end of it. -Rian Johnson
You never want to make a 'message movie', but you always want to be talking about something that you care about. -Rian Johnson
With 'Brick,' I wrote the script when I was 23 and didn't make the movie until I was 30. -Rian Johnson
Writing is not fun. -Rian Johnson
Well, you know, we all grew up as 'Star Wars' fans. -Rian Johnson
Showing your movie to an audience... it's like your kid doing a piano recital. 'Just let it not fail. Please.' -Rian Johnson
'Game of Thrones' is just incredible, what they pull off every week. -Rian Johnson
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