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My mantra is if you want to help people accomplish some goal, make it easy. -Richard Thaler
Most people start claiming benefits within a year of when they become eligible, although benefits increase substantially if they wait. -Richard Thaler
Why tie to gold? Why not 1982 Bordeaux? -Richard Thaler
Every American worker should be able to save for retirement via payroll deductions. -Richard Thaler
I think one lesson we have to learn is that there's a lot more risk than we're giving credit to, a lot more what economist calls systematic risk. -Richard Thaler
So, what's a nudge? A nudge is some small feature of the environment that attracts our attention and alters our behavior. -Richard Thaler
I'm all for empowerment and education, but the empirical evidence is that it doesn't work. That's why I say make it easy. -Richard Thaler
When an economist says the evidence is
Most economists, including me, agree that longevity insurance would make sense for a lot of people. -Richard Thaler
For many people, being asked to solve their own retirement savings problems is like being asked to build their own cars. -Richard Thaler
It's not that we can predict bubbles - if we could, we would be rich. But we can certainly have a bubble warning system. -Richard Thaler
We behavioralists differ from our more traditional brethren in the way we characterize agents in the economy. -Richard Thaler
Doctors and hospitals should be paid for keeping their patients well. Paying them for doing more tests and surgeries creates bad incentives. -Richard Thaler
Tax cuts are one of many ways to stimulate the economy. Building infrastructure, for example, is another. -Richard Thaler
We could all use more coaching. -Richard Thaler
The Nobel Prize is going to be 'fun money' - for an occasion, when my wife and I want a $50 bottle of wine. -Richard Thaler
If you want to encourage some activity, make it easy. -Richard Thaler
Economists discount any factors that would not influence the thinking of a rational person. -Richard Thaler
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