Rob Riggle Quotes

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When I approach villains, unless it's a drama, I'm a comedian, so I approach most things from a comedic point of view. -Rob Riggle
I need a coffee, I'm a cold coffee guy. That's how I do. -Rob Riggle
In high school, I was voted 'Most Humorous' in my senior class. -Rob Riggle
I've written several pilots that haven't gone, so that's why you haven't seen any. -Rob Riggle
Hopefully, I'm not stealing scenes from other actors, because then they won't want to work with me. -Rob Riggle
I went through puberty late. I was a little, little, tiny kid. I was still growing in college. -Rob Riggle
When I put on my Marine cover, I'm a Marine, and I act accordingly. -Rob Riggle
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