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Art is a Great Goddess of infinite intrigue and illusion, and even a lifetime of worship may not find her fickle soul. -Robert Genn
The brilliance of art as a collectible is that it has a way of reaching out on an emotional level. It touches on mystery, even spirituality. -Robert Genn
A method of achieving wild enthusiasm is to act wildly enthusiastic. Often, a growing and beautiful love-affair develops quite automatically. -Robert Genn
While obsessive behavior may be an antisocial plague to societies and communities at large, it's total moxie when lone practitioners catch it. -Robert Genn
Life is a passage through a museum of beauty. -Robert Genn
Where there are few expectations, expediency wins. -Robert Genn
In art, everyone who plays wins. -Robert Genn
Dogs are angels sent from heaven in order to help us to be better people. -Robert Genn
God may work in light, but we mortals work in pigment. -Robert Genn
The thing about art is that life is in no danger of being meaningless, -Robert Genn
Art, because it's so easy to do, and yet so difficult to do well, encourages humility in the human soul. -Robert Genn
No one is going to hand you an organizational chart. You have to hand it to yourself. -Robert Genn
Paintings, like tombstones, will last a good five hundred years, well into twenty or thirty generations. -Robert Genn
Artists with serious aspirations need to be left alone to follow the course of their own imagination. -Robert Genn
Incompetence, in my books, is the failure of the critical faculties to interfere constructively with the natural flow. -Robert Genn
Starving artist' is acceptable at age 20, suspect at age 40, and problematical at age 60. -Robert Genn
For all of us, self-briefing before going out or starting a project sharpens artistic wit. -Robert Genn
We are not born focusing. It's an acquired skill that requires initial effort and constant upgrading. -Robert Genn
Seems those with money who don't worry about money have big walls. -Robert Genn
Your muse is amused and willed to further renewal during the process of mindless grabbing of reference material or errant imaginings. -Robert Genn
Curiosity allows your unique
It's my wish that I can help creative people think of new ways to be creative - to get more joy and understanding from their own unique processes. -Robert Genn
With materialization in play you have magic in your fingers and you become the wizard. -Robert Genn
To float like a cloud you have to go to the trouble of becoming one. -Robert Genn
The head governs, the heart assists, the body acts. -Robert Genn
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