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I do have this belief that we all have a chance to be great, beautiful people based on how we are raised and our surroundings. -Rod Lurie
When you do a freeze frame, you have the opportunity to find the exact shot that you want - no guessing. -Rod Lurie
I came to the conviction that film criticism, in and of itself, was an art. -Rod Lurie
It's very exciting to continue to work at DreamWorks. -Rod Lurie
Just because the boogeyman of the Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore, it doesn't mean the world is living angelically. -Rod Lurie
You learn quite a bit about your film from test screening audiences. -Rod Lurie
Whenever you make a movie, when it's done, as a filmmaker, you never sit there and say, 'Boy, I really got that right.' It's, 'Where did I screw up?' -Rod Lurie
I don't think I'm equipped enough to be giving anyone a civics lesson or any kind of message. -Rod Lurie
If I have to answer one more time, 'Why did you want to remake 'Straw Dogs?'' with the emphasis on the word 'why,' I'm going to flip out. -Rod Lurie
Finding out you're able to do something doesn't necessarily mean you want to do it. -Rod Lurie
I remember watching movies like 'Fatal Attraction' and watching the audience go bananas at the end of the film. -Rod Lurie
What makes a man is when you go against your own instincts to do to the right thing. -Rod Lurie
I admire how Tarantino finds music that's semifamiliar and not famous: undiscovered gems. -Rod Lurie
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