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It's quite easy for schisms to develop in societies, in villages, cities or countries. -Rory Kinnear
I think having a dispassionate eye is a good way of making art. When you don't know the structures of a place, you are unencumbered. -Rory Kinnear
Because my dad died when I was young, and I have a severely disabled sister, I couldn't really push the envelope at home. -Rory Kinnear
If you're working in theatre, you have all your days to spend with your children. -Rory Kinnear
I always loved acting - though what I did in my teens was probably more eclat than elan. But I wasn't sure about doing it professionally. -Rory Kinnear
I'm not that bothered about press nights as an actor or, particularly, by what people say about me, because I see myself as a reasonably small cog. -Rory Kinnear
Writing will remain a passion project. -Rory Kinnear
I love music, and I once thought about doing a choral scholarship, but the people put me off. -Rory Kinnear
Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't become an actor. If perhaps I'd stayed on at university and become an academic. -Rory Kinnear
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