Samuel R. Delany Quotes

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Human beings being what they are, order spreads, given half a chance, almost as fast as confusion. -Samuel R. Delany
All life is a rhythm,' she said as I sat up. 'All death is a rhythm suspended, a syncopation before life resumes. -Samuel R. Delany
Wind passed again; the iris shuddered about the diamond chip. -Samuel R. Delany
Endings to be useful must be inconclusive. -Samuel R. Delany
An artist simply cannot trust any public emblem of merit. -Samuel R. Delany
Do you follow the wrestling? Most people think it's illegal, but you can watch it there. Ruby and Python are on display this evening. -Samuel R. Delany
The dawn of space travel is the dawn of woman. -Samuel R. Delany
The mark of the truly civilized is their (truly baffling to the likes of you and me) patience with what truly baffles. -Samuel R. Delany
It's a very new, not to mention vulgar, idea that the spectator's experience should be identical to, or even have anything to do with, the artist's -Samuel R. Delany
You do not need an identity to become yourself; you need an identity to become -like- someone else. -Samuel R. Delany
Ambition like a liquid ruby stains. -Samuel R. Delany
Pain ... after you've lived with it long enough, isn't pain anymore. It's something else. -Samuel R. Delany
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