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The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Always remember that striving and struggle precede success, even in the dictionary. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
The authentic self is the soul made visible. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Faith is the very first thing you should pack in a hope chest. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Because the truth is - and we know it - we were born to die without regrets. Regret is the only wound from which the soul never recovers. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Choice is destiny's soul mate. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Our success already exists on a spiritual level; it's a matter of pulling it into the physical world. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Success in life is not how well we execute Plan A; it's how smoothly we cope with Plan B. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Today, and everyday, take as your personal mantra: I am what I am and what I am is wonderful. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Every time we remember to say
When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present ... we experience heaven on earth. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Half-truths are the devil's IOUs. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
An authentic life is the most personal form of worship. Everyday life has become my prayer. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Harmony is the inner cadence of contentment we feel when the melody of life is in tune. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments. You must experience each one before you can appreciate it. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
The authentic self is the soul made visable. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Stressed souls need the reassuring rhythm of self-nurturing rituals. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Every day offers us simple gifts when we are willing to search our hearts for the place that's right for each of us. (January 15) -Sarah Ban Breathnach
Little changes [and] little choices add up to be revolutionary changes in your life. -Sarah Ban Breathnach
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