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I want to try making things right because picking up the pieces is way better than leaving them the way they are. -Simone Elkeles
One of the things that makes me who I am is the loyalty I have to people I hold close to my heart. -Simone Elkeles
Stop focusing on the bad stuff because life is too damn short. -Simone Elkeles
There's a thin line between love and hate. Maybe you're confusing your emotions. -Simone Elkeles
I hate games I can't win. -Simone Elkeles
Thing is, I don't like ties. I like to big margins. -Simone Elkeles
Romance novels are my favorite books to read. I write young adult romances, and am so happy to be promoting this wonderful genre. -Simone Elkeles
Fifty percent of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class - Hope your surgery went well! -Simone Elkeles
This is a team of gay dudes, isn't it?
I'm standing here, holding a half a lemon in my hand. I'm speechless, I'm excited . . . I'm a wreck. Caleb wants to be where I am. -Simone Elkeles
Mujer, you own my soul. -Simone Elkeles
Don't ever pity me. -Simone Elkeles
Do you ever lose the ego?' Westford asks me. 'Yeah.' When his daughter kisses me, my ego flies out the window. -Simone Elkeles
I want to make sure Kiara's got a boyfriend who has more to offer than a hot bod and a face that could make angels weep. -Simone Elkeles
Problem is, the bathroom pass can't help you escape life. It's still there when you come out. Problems and crap don't go away hiding in the can. -Simone Elkeles
Being brave is not as easy as it looks. -Simone Elkeles
This connection we have isn't going away, it's only getting stronger. Because the more I spend time with her, the closer I want to be. -Simone Elkeles
Tofu tacos are not Mexican. I think putting tofu on anything and calling it Mexican is an insult to my people. -Simone Elkeles
If my name was Richard, I'd go by Richard or Rich... not Dick. Hell I'd even settle for being called Chard. -Simone Elkeles
being afraid to take chances is scarier than actually doing things that challenge you. -Simone Elkeles
Sometimes I wish there were do over years or fast forward days -Simone Elkeles
Ben walks in the room and asks, 'What were you guys doing?' Nikki says 'Nothing' at the same time I say, 'Your sister and I were just makin' out. -Simone Elkeles
I have to protect you, ' he says softly. -Simone Elkeles
I have trust issues.' 'I know. I'm on a mission to cure you of that. -Simone Elkeles
A text pops up on the screen. It's from Luis. I can't help but grin when I read his perfectly thought-out message. Luis: Hey -Simone Elkeles
I'll always love you, no matter what happens, okay? -Simone Elkeles
You look like a hot tamale.' 'That's not really a compliment. -Simone Elkeles
Nikki looks at me, confused. 'What's wrong?' I've got a gun stashed in my closet. 'Nothin'. -Simone Elkeles
There's always time for arguin' when you're a Fuentes. -Simone Elkeles
When she wraps her arms around my neck, all I want to do is protect this girl for the rest of my life. -Simone Elkeles
Is that your cheap way of telling me you want to kiss me?' He looks into my eyes, his dark gaze capturing mine. 'Querida, I always want to kiss you. -Simone Elkeles
I realise it's going to happen. This girl of my dreams, this girl who is more like me than anyone I've ever met, wants to kiss me. -Simone Elkeles
You can't keep her.' I know that. But I'm not ready to give her up just yet. -Simone Elkeles
The percentage of couples who stay together after high school is, like, less than five percent, you guys. -Simone Elkeles
She ignores me, so I cup my hands over my mouth and do something I haven't done in years- barnyard sounds. -Simone Elkeles
What are you boys doing?' she asks, as if we're still little kids messing around. 'Arguin', ' Carlos says matter-of-factly. -Simone Elkeles
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