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Careful, Ani -Song Parodies
Tried to run away and failed <br />hyperdrive it <br />was disabled<br />So they landed on a sand dune<br />Needed money<br />So they ran to -Song Parodies
Ani, are you okay,<br />So Ani are you okay,<br />Are you okay, Ani? -Song Parodies
Ani, win the pod race,<br />So Ani win the pod race,<br />Win the pod race, Ani! -Song Parodies
Race that Dug guy<br />Go right on by<br />Cause you'll win 'em all! -Song Parodies
So we went out to the raceway<br />Ani's mother, <br />us and Padme<br />Then we saw with fascination<br />all the crashes, -Song Parodies
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