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If nothing else, the act of reaching a milestone often serves to reveal a superstar's true nature. -Stephen Rodrick
The thing about living without a father if he's always gone is that it takes a long time to realize he isn't coming home. -Stephen Rodrick
I tested in the top percentile for IQ, but I couldn't tie my shoes or really ride a bike without training wheels until I was almost 7. -Stephen Rodrick
To build an empire - or win seven Tour de Frances in a row - you must have a Lone Star-size ego and a dash of megalomania. -Stephen Rodrick
Robert Downey Jr. doesn't work out like us regular folks. Adulation bathes him from the moment he arrives at his Los Angeles martial arts studio. -Stephen Rodrick
There's no doubt Matt Leinart loves his son very much. -Stephen Rodrick
Jeff Bridges wants you to take it easy, man. -Stephen Rodrick
The everybody-loves-Jeff Bridges home base is, of course, 'The Big Lebowski.' -Stephen Rodrick
Brett Favre likes to tell stories. -Stephen Rodrick
From the outside, Rick Rubin's house above Zuma Beach is a generic millionaire beach home. There's a rarely used tennis court and a circular drive. -Stephen Rodrick
James Salter has been a fighter pilot, a rogue, and a climber. He counts Robert Redford as a friend. -Stephen Rodrick
Maybe it's impossible to spend time with Patrick Stewart and not have the conversation move to the extraterrestrial. -Stephen Rodrick
When superstars go down, no matter how sympathetic the circumstances, fans know the franchise could be sunk. -Stephen Rodrick
NFL fans have less sympathy for fallen players than the Romans had for blind Christians. -Stephen Rodrick
There are times when a sports figure doesn't deserve sympathy. -Stephen Rodrick
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