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The best way to improve our lives is to improve our thoughts. -Sterling W Sill
People would rather be praised than criticized but the later may help us make more progress. -Sterling W Sill
We can cross the rivers of doubt and discouragement on the bridge of faith even before we get to them -Sterling W Sill
Man is a thinking being; what and how we think largely determines what we are and what we will become. -Sterling W Sill
One of the greatest abilities is to be able to take criticism -Sterling W Sill
One of greatest thieves this world has is procrastination, and he is still at large. Are we aiding and abetting the criminal? -Sterling W Sill
Life begins when we begin and each day we ought to be born again. -Sterling W Sill
When you want knowledge and understanding as badly as you wanted air, you won't have to ask anyone to give it to you. -Sterling W Sill
We are all human magnets. Our deeds, attitudes and thoughts attract in kind. Gets back with interest exactly what he sends. -Sterling W Sill
Satan has no power over us except as we give it to him. God never forces us to do right, and Satan has no power to force us to do wrong. -Sterling W Sill
That man loves God who puts his own life in harmony with him, and who serves his fellow men as though his life depends upon it, as indeed it does. -Sterling W Sill
The hottest coals of fire ever heaped upon the head of one who has wronged you are the coals of human kindness. -Sterling W Sill
Difficulty is one of the prices that we pay for our blessings. -Sterling W Sill
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