Steven Burd Quotes

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We're trying to take a leadership role in solving the nation's health-care crisis. We want everybody in this country to have health insurance. -Steven Burd
I need more personal time and, given my extensive work in health care, I want to pursue that interest further. -Steven Burd
You know that a lot of people go to emergency rooms when they don't really need to. -Steven Burd
The first job I ever had was right here in San Francisco with Southern Pacific. -Steven Burd
We're a high-volume, low-margin business, so we decided to reinvent our own approach to health care. -Steven Burd
The most challenging part of being CEO is communicating to 200,000 people what you want done. -Steven Burd
The first person a customer speaks with has the greatest impact on that customer's impression of Safeway. -Steven Burd
People like to work for a winner. -Steven Burd
If the store were your own business, you'd escort the customer to a product's location in the store and refer to the customer by name. -Steven Burd
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