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Let failure be your workshop. See it for what is is: the world walking you through a tough but necessary semester, free of tuition. (from Workbook) -Steven Heighton
To listen to critics, pro or con, and take their words to heart is to subcontract your self-esteem to strangers. (from Workbook) -Steven Heighton
The idiot willingness to choose sides is what feeds the abattoir of history. -Steven Heighton
The dreamtime of creative work is a turnstile to eternity. (from Workbok) -Steven Heighton
I had a book of essays out in 1997 in which I talked about the increasing virtuality of our lives. I've always been afraid of that in my own life. -Steven Heighton
Lyrical poets have to be in touch with visceral experience. I've always tried to avoid virtual experiences. That's emerging in my fiction. -Steven Heighton
I used to be more of a purist about literature. I thought, 'If it's a really propulsive story, then maybe there's something unliterary about it.' -Steven Heighton
It's no sin to tell a good story. -Steven Heighton
It gets too easy to write from the point of view of a male character of my age, with the same cultural frame of reference. -Steven Heighton
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