Superheavy Quotes

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In life what you treasure <br />joy and pleasure <br />it depends on how you measure <br />everybody want to live it up yeah <br />oh yeah -Superheavy
in life what you treasure <br />joy and pleasure <br />its the simpleness of things <br />it depends on what you measure okay <br />oh yeah -Superheavy
you choose what you pray for <br />some like it hot and some love the cold weather <br />don't take the pressure on man <br />oh no -Superheavy
when the noise dies ever <br />i will be dancing <br />music lives forever <br />and it never says never <br />no way -Superheavy
it goes on and on and on -Superheavy
when the good get better <br />sure is fun when we're building together <br />nobody wants to be alone yeah <br />oh no -Superheavy
Jah rising sun <br />make it play for the dawn <br />and the night is done <br />everybody wants to make it home -Superheavy
whenever our eyes meet <br />there's a question why <br />we don't have to try babe <br />our eying! -Superheavy
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