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A partir de un determinado momento, advirtio Paul vagamente, la tecnologe­a habe­a pasado a see±alarle eºnicamente el care¡cter ineludible y proximo de la nada. En vez de liberar nanobots en el torrente sangue­neo para reparar las cosas me¡s re¡pidamente de lo que se deterioraban, implantar pequee±os computadores en el cerebro de la gente o aplicar otros metodos que Paul habe­a descubierto en la Wikipedia con intencion de aplazar la muerte hasta convertirla en ese ente lejano y menguante y casi inexistente que entonces era la vida- y para que la vida, para los humanos inmortales, se convirtiera en la diversion preponderante que entonces era la muerte-, la tecnologe­a parece­a abocada a eliminar la vida para siempre cumpliendo incontroladamente su eºnica funcion: convertir la materia, animada o inanimada, en materia computerizada con el eºnico objeto, al parecer, de aumentar su funcionamiento hasta que el universo fuera un eºnico ordenador. La tecnologe­a, una abstraccion indetectable en la realidad concreta, estaba llevando a cabo su tarea concreta, intuyo Paul debilmente mientras le acariciaba el pelo a Erin, gracias a una mano de obra humana, creciente y cada vez me¡s entregada que, en el transcurso de cientos de generaciones, iba recibiendo lo que parece­an anticipos (desde los pies a los coches pasando por las bicicletas, desde la cara a Internet hasta los tablones de anuncios) a cambio de convertir una cantidad suficiente de materia en materia computerizada para que los ordenadores pudieran ir construyendose a se­ mismos.

Tao Lin
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In the parking lot, she drove and parked in a dark area with no other cars around. She reclined her seat, and listened to music. Outside there were trees, a ditch, a bridge; another parking lot. It was very dark. Maybe the Sasquatch would run out from the woods. Chelsea wouldn't be afraid. She would calmly watch the Sasquatch jog into the ditch then out, hairy and strong and mysterious-to be so large yet so unknown; how could one cope except by running?-smash through some bushes, and sprint, perhaps, behind Wal-Mart, leaping over a shopping cart and barking. Did the Sasquatch bark? It used to alarm Chelsea that this might be all there was to her life, these hours alone each day and night-thinking things and not sharing them and then forgetting-the possibility of that would shock her a bit, trickily, like a three-part realization: that there was a bad idea out there; that that bad idea wasn't out there, but here; and that she herself was that bad idea. But recently, and now, in her car, she just felt calm and perceiving, and a little consoled, even, by the sad idea of her own life, as if it were someone else's, already happened, in some other world, placed now in the core of her, like a pillow that was an entire life, of which when she felt exhausted by aloneness she could crumple and fall towards, like a little bed, something she could pretend, and believe, even (truly and unironically believe; why not?), was a real thing that had come from far away, through a place of no people, a place of people, and another place of no people, as a gift, for no occasion, but just because she needed-or perhaps deserved; did the world try in that way? to make things fair?-it.

Tao Lin
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