Teresa Of Avila Quotes

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Never when in authority rebuke any one in anger, but only when anger has passed away; and so shall the rebuke bring forth good fruit. -Teresa Of Avila
Hope, O my soul, hope. Watch carefully, for everything passes quickly, even though your impatience turns a very short time into a long one. -Teresa of Avila
Souls without prayer are like bodies, palsied and lame, having hands and feet they cannot use. -Teresa of Avila
It constantly happens that the Lord permits a soul to fall so that it may grow humbler. -Teresa of Avila
With all this wide and beautiful creation before me, the restless soul longs to enjoy its liberty and rest beyond its bound. -Teresa of Avila
Humility, however deep it be, neither disquiets nor troubles nor disturbs the soul; it is accompanied by peace, joy and tranquillity. -Teresa of Avila
It will be as well, I think, to explain these locutions of God, and to describe what the soul feels when it receives them. -Teresa of Avila
Our soul can find in the Blessed Sacrament all the joys and consolations it desires. -Teresa of Avila
A soul which gives itself to prayer, either much or little, should on no account be kept within narrow bounds. -Teresa of Avila
What friends or kindred can be so close and intimate as the powers of our soul, which, whether we will or no, must ever bear us company? -Teresa of Avila
Don't be curious of matters that don't concern you; never speak of them, and don't ask about them. -Teresa of Avila
However softly we speak, God is near enough to hear us. -Teresa of Avila
Life is to life in such a way that we are not afraid to die. -Teresa of Avila
What a miserable life is this! There is no happiness that is secure and nothing that does not change. -Teresa of Avila
Life is a night spent in an uncomfortable inn. -Teresa of Avila
May I not come before You with empty hands, since we are rewarded according to our deeds. -Teresa of Avila
In the presence of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament we ought to be like the Blessed in heaven before the Divine Essence -Teresa of Avila
In light of heaven, the worst suffering on earth will be seen to be no more serious than one night in an inconvenient hotel. -Teresa of Avila
From heaven even the most miserable life will look like one bad night at an inconvenient hotel. -Teresa of Avila
Seldom or never is a poor man honored by the world; however worthy of honor he may be, he is apt rather to be despised by it. -Teresa of Avila
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